International Cello Festival commemorates the death of Mstislav Rostropovich

Nearly a year after the death of Mstislav Rostropovich († April 27, 2007) organized the Moscow Philharmonic an international cello festival and reminded thus to this great Russian cellist. Leading cello players - including some former pupils Rostropovich - accepted the invitation to participate in this event.

Rodion Shchedrin and Mstislav Rostropovich joined many years cordial friendship and close cooperation. About his friend Shchedrin once said in an interview: "Slava (di nickname of Rostropovich) is for me a sacred name". Recognizing be Rostropovich expressed his part to Shchedrin as a friend and colleague: "I am happy to play your works Your work is one of the branches of the mighty tree of musical art of Russia ... You are wonderful, loyal friend." (from the preface to the German edition of the book Rostropovich by Valentina Cholopowa over Rodion Shchedrin "The road in the center," Schott Musik International, Mainz 2002). The mutual appreciation of these two artists will find in their particular expression that Shchedrin Rostropovich some works (Sotto voce, Parabola Concertante, Sonata for cello and piano) dedicated that brought this world premiere and also recorded in its permanent repertoire. Not only as an instrumentalist, but also works as a conductor, Rostropovich be made to the work of his friend deserves. He has conducted the world premieres of the opera "Lolita" and the "Stichira for the thousandth anniversary of the Christianization of Russia".

Three closely related with the name of the great cello master in connection Shchedrin's compositions were at the final concert program that December 28 was held in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

"Well pososchok / Ein Prosit goodbye" (premiered on 5 October 2007 in the Hessian Kronberg) for six cellos and treble recorder composed Shchedrin within a few days after the death of Rostropovich. After Shchedrin dialogue between cellos and the flute intended to indicate the eternity, in which his deceased friend was taken.

The orchestral work "Slava, Slava" - once wrote for the 70th Birthday Rostropovich - was conducted that evening by Denis Kirpanjow. At the premiere in Paris in 1997 by Seiji Ozawa in the final part to the great surprise Rostropovich began the orchestra in addition to the instrumental accompaniment to sing.

The third composition Shchedrin this evening, the "Hamlet Ballad" played by some 70 cellists, the emotional highlight of the festival has been reached. The work, originally composed by Shchedrin for 1,000 cellos commissioned for Japan in 2004, conducted the Rostropovich pupil David Geringas. In a subsequent interview Geringas recalled the premiere of the work at the International Cello Congress in Japan in which he participated as an instrumentalist. That evening competed in 1066 Cello player to play music under the direction of Mstislav Rostropovich. As the Maestro later the exact number of contributors was called, he corrected humorous: "No, no, it had a total of 1067 players I'm a cellist, even when I was standing on the conductor's podium at night.".
The "Hamlet Ballad" should be the last work of Rodion Shchedrin stay, which was premiered by Mstislav Rostropovich.