On the Occasioin of Maya Plisetskaya Jubilee

So headlines in November, the Russian newspapers on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Maya Plisetskaya:

"Putin is our president - Plisetkaya our Legend" (from "Komsomolskaya Pravda")
"Maya Plisetskaya is the brand culture of our country" (from "Rossiyskaya Gazeta")

And so Moscow celebrated its Prima Ballerina Assoluta:
For their "outstanding achievements in the promotion of Choreography Art in Russia and around the world" and its "long-standing creative activity" was awarded "For Services to the Fatherland" 1st class with Maya Plisetskaya demo rden.

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" 23.11.2005:
The Order "For Services to the Fatherland 1st Class" was created in 1994 and is one of the highest awards of Russia. President B. Yeltsin laid firmly at the time that only the highest statesmen can be awarded with this medal. Support of this order are the president of France, Jacques Chirac, B. Yeltsin, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and the physics Nobel laureate Zhores Alferov I.. Here also Maya Plisetskaya has now queued.

The Bolshoi Theater, the ballerina had devoted about 50 years of her artistic life, organized the multi-day "Maya Plisetskaya-Festival":

November 16, 2005: In the Bolshoi Theatre of "Swan Lake" is on the agenda, in the Maya Plisetskaya occurred many years in the role of Odette / Odile.

November 17, 2005: The Bolshoi Theatre performs in the ballet "Don Quixote". The role of "Kitri" was one of the favorite roles Maya Plisetskayas.

November 18, 2005: The artistic director of the ballet company, A. Ratmansky, Maya Plisetskaya dedicated the premiere of the ballet "The Card Game" by I. Stravinsky
That same evening, a premiere even took place - the revival of the ballet "Carmen Suite" by G. Bizet / R. Shchedrin, which was directed by Alberto Alonso for Maya Plisetskaya in 1967 at the Bolshoi Theatre. The 88 year old choreographer from Cuba, whose worldwide fame with just this performance began, brought the ballet in the famous sets by B. Messerer on stage. In the role of "Carmen", the soloist of the ballet troupe, S. Zakharova joined on (Conductor: P. Sorokin).
On 14 November 2005 Maya Plisetskaya told in a public performance to the audience the history of the emergence of "Carmen Suite".

November 20, 2005: On the birthday of ballerina took the State Kremlin Palace, the largest (nearly 6,000-seater) concert hall of Moscow the Gala "Don Quixote" instead. The threads of this grandiose spectacle attracted the artistic director of the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater, A. Ratmansky, and the talented musical director, D. Chernyakov.

In addition to the soloists of the Bolshoi Theatre and stars of international ballet occurred as the breakdance group "Da Doogie Crew", a group of Shaolin monks, the dance group of "AW Alexandrov Music and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army" and the famous flamenco dancer J. Cortez and his troupe. Following its appearance the birthday boy himself came on stage. The ballerina danced twice the "Ave Maya" choreographed by M. Bejard.

Maya Plisetskaya dances "Ave Maya" after the choreography by M. Bejard (Staatl. Kremlin Palace, 20:11:05)
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Enthusiastic applause for Maya Plisetskaya (Staatl. Kremlin Palace, 20:11:05)
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The Moscow House of Photography organized in the "Manege", the central exhibition hall in Moscow, the unique photo exhibition "Maya Plisetskaya" with hundreds of photographs. Here you could see the prima ballerina on photos with P. Picasso, Chagall M., D. Shostakovich, Ju. Admired Gagarin, G. and R. Kennedy, C. Chanel and other outstanding personalities of the 20th century. Prints by W. Schachmejster and excerpts from Maya Plisetskaya devoted movies supplemented the exhibition.

The State Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, the exhibition "Maya" with photographs of their dance roles and their unique costumes, which were designed specifically for M. Plisetskaya of P. Cardin during the festival.

In "Russian State Archive of Literature and Art" was dieAusstellung "from the private collection of Maya Plisetskaya" instead. Excerpts of the manuscript of her famous book "I - Maija", which was translated into 13 languages, found next to theatrical posters and program booklets and newspaper articles about her guest appearances all over the world. Even were the honorary professor diploma of Moscow University (1993) and the fantastic nutcracker statue, a gift from the sculptor M. Shemyakin at the ballerina, to be admired.

During the anniversary of the ballerina all public and private television stations paid tribute to this event with a series of broadcasts. DERS Ender "Kultura" held its own festival and broadcast the films of the ballets "The Lady with the Dog" (R. Shchedrin), the "Swan Lake" (Tchaikovsky) and "Carmen Suite" (G. Bizet / R. Shchedrin) out.

In the cinema theater "Illusion" a cinema festival with ballet films of M. Plisetskaya was held. It's movies "ballerina", "The Private Life of M. Plisetskaya", "A poem called Maya", "Portraits of the era: Maya Plisetskaya" and were "Maya" shown. The rush of visitors was so great that the duration of the festival has been extended.

Rodion Shchedrin's music festival "On a long life and well-being!" was an anniversary gift of the composer to his wife on 20 November 1985 was held on her birthday at the Bolshoi Theatre, the premiere of R. Shchedrin's fifth ballet "The Lady with the Dog" takes place, which is dedicated as the previous ballets Maya Plisetskaya. Twenty years later, her birthday was celebrated with a concert in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with the world premiere of his "Sonatina Concertante". This work has also dedicated to his wife of the composer. It played the pianist Alexandr Gindin. Also on the program were the prologue from the ballet "Anna Karenina" (concert version for piano by M. Pletnev), "Grusha the Gypsy", an excerpt from the opera "The Enchanted Wanderer" (Russian premiere), the Sonata for Cello and Piano and other works of R. Shchedrin. The composer himself played the piano part of the sonata. As soloists occurred D. Shapovalov (cello) and the soloists of "Helikon-Opera" K. Wjasnikowa, A. Gindin (piano), A. Dressler (clarinet), A. Trostjanski (violin), W. Chotulew (flute) , A. Lewin (oboe).

On 24 November 2005 "Vishnevskaya Centre for Opera Singing Galina" was in the first of four operas by R. Shchedrin "Not only love" listed. The 1961-composed opera is dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya. At the premiere (1961) at the Bolshoi Theater (conductor Depending. Swetlanow) M. Plisetskaya danced the ballet solo in the second act. This time the opera was in the chamber music version (composed 1971) listed. The soloists were K. Wjasnikowa (Barbara), W. Sapletschny (Volodya), Yes. Iwanilowa (Natasha), Conductor: B. Bulakhov.

Took place on 25 November 2005 at the Meyerhold Centre, the musical drama "The Sealed Angel" (after N. Leskov's novel, music by R. Shchedrin) under the choreography by N. Androsov instead.

The outstanding Russian sculptor Viktor Mitroshin gave the ballerina again one of his works - a gilded bronze figure that represents a person standing on a pedestal from Uralstein dancer.

In the traditional survey conducted by the Fund "Public opinion" Maya Plisetskaya was chosen in the field of science, culture and art for the "Person of the Year".

"In all evenings a spectacle which originated from the inner need of every visitor out repeated. The audience rose and greeted with long ovations Plisetskaya and Shchedrin This couple, who will soon celebrate his golden wedding, is undoubtedly one of our national goods. a long life and well-being! " ("Moskovskaya Pravda, December 6)

On 4 November 2005 the premiere of the new staging of Rodion Shchedrin's ballet "Anna Karenina" was held in Vilnius in the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. (Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky, artistic director of the ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre). The role of "Anna" was represented by the winner of the International Maya Plisetskaya-contest, the prima ballerina of the theater Egle Spokaite.

And the "Carmen Suite" performed on November 7, 2005, at a Shchedrin evening the "songs of praise" for String Orchestra (Conductor: J. Domarkas), the 6th Piano Concerto (soloist P. Genischas). At the end of the evening the ballerina danced her famous "Ave Maya".

On 30 November 2005 took place in honor of the ballerina ballet "Anna Karenina" in new staging place (Anna Karenina - M. Khamanaka, Wronski - N. Juschka). Lithuanian President V. Adamkus, derPremierminister A. Brasauskas and other high-ranking personalities of Lithuania took part in the evening. Maya Plisetskaya of Barbora Radvilaitė Medal was awarded.

Photo album "Ave Maya"

Vladimir Golowizer presented the magnificent photo album "Ave Maya" together, with the support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography, the Maris Liepa Foundation-which Vol G. Production Ltd. (New York) and was Paul Lepereq Foundation issued. The book contains 300 unique photographs. Many photographs show the ballerina in her best roles and be annotated by her personally. The album also contains handwritten notes by Rodion Shchedrin, who devoted five of his ballets Maya Plisetskaya. The book is supplemented by a list of theater, film and television roles of Maya Plisetskaya.

DVD "Ave Maya"

The studio of the Bolshoi Theatre "Arts Media Central" has released a DVD "Ave Maya". In the film by Nikita Tikhonov unique footage from state and private video archives are shown. A. Ratmansky, R. Petit, W. Vasilyev, R. Strutschkowa, L. Semenjaka, N. Fadejetschew, S. Zakharova, A. Liepa and N. Ziskaridse talk about Maya Plisetskaya.

The International Ballet Prize "Benois de la Dance" was awarded in the category for the best choreography at Alexaj Ratmansky for the staging of the ballet by Rodion Shchedrin "Anna Karenina" with the Royal Danish Ballet. The ceremonial "Ballet Oscar" ceremony took place at the Bolshoi Theatre in late April.

"The most important ballet event of the coming season is the festival in honor of Maya Plisetskaya be" - writes the Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the plans of the Bolshoi Theater for its 230th season. "Four days long be in November the Parade ballet of Maya Plisetskaya be seen: Swan Lake and Don Quixote also Carmen-Suite and Konzertklassein choreography by Asaf Messerer will be on display to mark the 80th birthday of Maya Plisetskaya with a gala concert at the.. Kremlin is the festival to an end. ".
(. from "Kultura", Nr. 17 (7476) 5.-18 May 2005)

The Russian publishing house "Muzyka" has published an anthology with choral works by Rodion Shchedrin. The well-known Russian choirmaster of the Moscow Conservatory, Boris Tevlin, has put together the compositions. The issue also contains the last choral works of Shchedrin: "Poetorium", "Serenade" and the children's choir "Aly Parus".

As part of the series' composer to get to know "has released the music for the ballet" The humpbacked pony "in Easy Arrangements for Piano (Olga Qatar Gina) of the Russian publishing MPI Music Production International.