Maya Plisetskaya - Presentation of her new book in Moscow

'Thirteen Years Later', the new book by Maya Plisetskaya, was now presented at a Moscow branch of the bookshop chain 'Bukva' to the great attention of the media.

Thirteen years have passed since the publication of her first book 'I, Maya' by the publishing house 'Novosti'. Thirteen, that is also the number of chapters of her succeeding work most of which can well be associated with this unlucky number, even if they did not happen on the 13th day of the month: the unauthorized marketing of a face cream in her name, the appearance of her alleged daughter, financial 'misunderstandings' of the organizers of the ballet competition 'Maya', endless judicial hearings at which lawyers had to defend the honour and dignity of one of the greatest ballerinas of the past century.

National censorship no longer exists, the artists' constant fear of not being allowed to leave the country is over - such were the topics in her first book - but her life has not become more peaceful. Her previous ordeals have been replaced by others. But Plisetskaya still knows how to overcome such adversities with honour and dignity. Like thirteen years ago, her stories come to a happy end, with her accounting a great moment in her life. Last time, it was the 50th anniversary of her stage career at the Bolshoi Theatre. Now it is the festive evening at the Kremlin, again organized by the Bolshoi Theatre, marking her 80th birthday which the press called 'the greatest event of the year' and Plisetskaya herself described as a 'matchless glorious day'.