Maya Plisetskaya in Kyoto (Japan)

In the former imperial capital Kyoto at the complex of Kamigamo temple with the world famous Kamigamo shrine which is appointed as world cultural heritage by UNESCO was performed a project with epoch-making character on 30th March, 2008 by Maya Plisetskaya and Rokura Umewaka. At this central place for Japans spiritual culture took place a cross-border meeting between classical ballet represented by Plisetskaya and traditional Japanese theatre No headed by its director Umewaka.
As a choreographic improvisation it was put on stage the tender relationship between a beautiful fairy and a male human being. The place's magic where according to Japanese ritual view heaven and earth are meeting in a special way transferred miraculously to the performance. In the story between fairy and man is the inscrutable contact with supernatural and natural a leading pattern. Furthermore, in the production the supernatural became apparent in Plisetskayas breathtaking expression and the precision of her vivid movements.

The Japanese broadcasting company NHK gave a detailed account in its programme "Art in theatre" about the development and result of this sensational and acclaiming project of two outstanding artists of the present.