Première of "Lyric scenes" for string quartet of Rodion Shchedrin at the 57th ARD International Music Competition in Munich

The famous competition is marked by viola, clarinet, bassoon and string quartet this year. Although the list with the former award winners reads like a who's who of classical music, the competition is more than a career springboard for very talented musicians. By using its worldwide popularity the organizers of the competition see themselves responsible especially for raising the repertoire of current classical music. According to this goal they frequently ask prominent composers to write new musical pieces for the competition's compulsory programme.

Some time ago Rodion Shchedrin was requested to write a piece for the competition. Shchedrin, who has already composed musical pieces for several competitions during his successful artistic life (e.g. the work "Russian tunes" for cello solo for the 4th International Rostropovich Competition in Paris in 1990), wrote a composition for string quartet called "Lyric scenes", which lasts approximately ten minutes. This work which was composed in 2006 has not been performed in public until now.

For numerous friends of Shchedrin's music the long waiting period is coming to its end! On Thursday, 11th September 2008, at 11 a.m and at 5 p.m, the best string quartets in the competition, which have done it to the semi-finals, will perform the "Lyric scenes" of Rodion Shchedrin for the first time.