Best Events on the Occasion of the 75th Birthday of Rodion Shchedrin

This special birthday of Rodion Shchedrin was commemorated in his home by a flood of festivities. It was the popular son of Russia to play a part of the joy he has given over the decades by his ravishing music. Since the effect and recording his music has long been the borders of the Russian language area skipped and meanwhile undoubtedly contributes universal traits, Shchedrin's birthday sparked in other countries from a chain of celebrations. The following overview results without claiming to be exhaustive, only an important celebrations.

In Moscow:

30 September to 18 December 2007: Music Festival for the 75th birthday of Rodion Shchedrin

In Moscow, the celebrations in honor Shchedrin put an early stage for his birthday. On September 30, the music festival with works Shchedrin was opened with the Moscow premiere of his opera "The Enchanted Wanderer". The St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre under the baton of Valery Gergiev gave a guest performance and therefore fulfilled the long-cherished wish of the Moscow audience to bring this opera sometimes in the Russian capital for the performance. "The Boyarina Morozova" at a packed Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Opera Choir performed again with great success - was given on 14 December - and almost a year after its successful premiere. The following evening, 15 December, the concert "A meeting with Rodion Shchedrin" was held in the Small Hall of the Conservatory. As Russian premiere Shchedrin played with the pianist Ekaterina Metschetina the "Romantic Duets".

For December 16, the birthday of Shchedrin, the Moscow Philharmonic had planned for the anniversary concert special. In the program of the evening, which was accompanied by music by Mikhail Pletnev and the Russian National Orchestra, those works of the composer were taken related to exceptional people or events from his life in connection: The "Dialogues with Shostakovich" Symphonic Etudes for Orchestra, are a tribute to the esteemed mentor and colleague Dmitri Shostakovich. With the "Parabola Concertante" Shchedrin wrote already his fourth work for the great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. This piece had Rostropovich - as he once confessed Shchedrin - especially to my heart, and it not only premiered in 2001, but until his death several times performed in Europe and America. None other than David Geringas was destined to play this evening the "Parabola Concertante". Romantic Pieces for Orchestra "Anna Karenina", named after Tolstoy known fictional character, is a musical nod to the close relationship with his beloved wife and muse Maya Plisetskaya. Furthermore, should have called "Two Tangos by Albéniz" in Shchedrin images from childhood memories to. To the music of Albéniz Spaniard Shchedrin spent even as a child many cozy evening in the family circle.

The festival in Moscow ended with a final concert on December 18, also in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. Accompanied by the Great Academic Tchaikovsky State Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Fedoseews played Denis Mazuew Shchedrin's 5th Piano Concerto Yuri Bashmet and (Viola), the "Concerto dolce". The evening ended the Concerto for Orchestra No. 3 "Old Russian Circus Music".

3. - 11 December 2007: The 2nd Moscow Festival "The musical world Rodion Shchedrin"

Time near the birthday of the composer, the 2nd Festival for Children and Youth "The musical world Rodion Shchedrin's" was held in Moscow. The jury headed by Prof. Sergei Dorenski from Moscow Conservatory drew 20 young artists from with prices and honorary certificates. The final concert was held in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory in the presence of Rodion Shchedrin.

As an intellectual focal point and organizer of the festival again served the Moscow Children's Music School no. 68, which also bears the name of the composer since 1995. The spouses Rodion Shchedrin and Maya Plisetskaya support this music school with the aim of professional promotion of young talent - not only financially - by forces. The young talent has always attaches Shchedrin at a high significance and promotes it by ensuring that he composed special works that carry the infantile and juvenile needs as well as their technical possibilities into account. His pedagogical core belief according to which he always emphasizes the need for a solid musical training with a good playing techniques and music theory base complemented by a broad knowledge of the classical music repertoire with an emphasis on the Russian musical culture.

December 20th, 2007: concert with award of an honorary professor at the Moscow State University

On the occasion of his 75th birthday Rodion Shchedrin was also honored by the renowned Moscow State University with a concert evening. As part of the concert series "The Rector of the Moscow State University invites ..." sounded different compositions Shchedrin for choir and chamber orchestra, played and sung by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra "The Seasons" and the Academic Choir of the University. To highlight of the evening the appointment Rodion Shchedrin became an honorary professor of Moscow University. The rector Viktor Sadownichi underlined in his solemn address the work of the composer with the following words: "My artistic work - broad as the varied disciplines of a university institution - includes everything: ballet and opera, piano concertos, concertos for orchestra, oratorio, Preludes and Fugues , Musical, Film Music ... Your great talent is inseparable from her great personality. "

In St. Petersburg:
Premiere of "Boyarina Morozova"

St. Petersburg was left at the celebrations in honor of Shchedrin's by no means alone Moscow the field. With two events of the great composer was thought. Firstly, on 24 December 2007 with the Yuri Temirkanov led by jubilee concert as part of the XVII. International Festival "Christmas meetings in the northern Palmira" and next to it with the St. Petersburg premiere of the choral opera "The Boyarina Morozova". The opera was on 26 December - listed in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and celebrated in the press as the most important event of the current concert season - in the original cast of the Moscow premiere.
"With his work Rodion Shchedrin has painful events from Russian history - schism in the Orthodox Church in the 17th century - recalled that still arouse sensitivities in Russia and meet strong reservations ... It seems to want to point Shchedrin that enter the events surrounding the Boyarina Morozova a clear picture as to which privation a man can suffer in an extraordinary situation, to what sacrifices he's capable of ... This unconditional devotion to an idea or a belief is in some people freely unimagined, almost superhuman powers but also entails something sinister and dangerous in themselves, such as the religiously based fanaticism. From this perspective, the topic chosen by Shchedrin in our time a highly topical political and social background ". (From the booklet to the CD of the opera: live recording of the world premiere on 30 October 2006 at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory WERGO of 2007.)

In Paris:
An evening with friends at the Espace Cardin

On 15 February 2008, Espace Cardin in Paris - a cultural center on the Champs-Elysées - a concert for the 75th birthday of Rodion Shchedrin instead. To this end, invited the eminent French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, a close friend of the couple Rodion Shchedrin and Maya Plisetskaya, several internationally known artists.

The concert opened the vocal cycle "My Time, My Wild Beast" on texts by Osip Mandelstam for tenor (Kenneth Tarver / USA), narrator (Cyrielle Clair / France) and piano (Roland Pöntinen / Sweden). This was followed by the "Romantic Duets" for piano four hands (Rodion Shchedrin and Roland Pöntinen). The Swedish violinist Ulf Wallin played the "Echo Sonata" and "Balalaika" for solo violin pizzicato. The musical finale was the performance of the "Pastoral" for clarinet in A (Michaela Catavele / Italy) and piano (Antti Manninen / Finland).