The Foundation - Aims

The Foundation's purposes are:

  • to preserve, document and, in any possible way, provide public access to the artistic œuvre of Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin in the broadest sense,
  • to support talented young artists worldwide: interpreters, composers, dancers and authors in the field of ballet dance and music, and
  • to foster the art of ballet dancing and composing worldwide.

The Foundation will realize its purposes particularly by means of

  • contributions for the setting up and the support of an archive with written, film and phono records, secondary literature and personal items which are connected with the life and art of Maya Plisetskaya and/or Rodion Shchedrin;
  • contributions for the setting up and/or maintenance of a museum, or for the organization of exhibitions on ballet dance;
  • contributions for the organization of ballet competitions;
  • organization of courses, classes, lectures and other educational events on the ballet and/or composition;

The two founders Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin are Foundation Board members for life. Another member of the Board is Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker, the managing partner and president of the publishing house Schott Musik International.

The Foundation Board is supported by the following ten-member Board of Trustees: Bärbel Englert, Natalia Kalashnikova, Olli Mustonen, Dr. Sigrid Neef, Elger Niels, Frank Seiler, Natalya Shadrina, Victor Tchelistchef, Maxim Vengerov, Ekaterina Vlasova.