Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya on

On September 26, 2016 at 09:55 a.m. MEZ the online TV Channel presents the film “Maya: Portrait of Maya Plisetskaya”

The film was made 1999 by the distinguished director Dominique Delouche and could be seen on DVD throughout the world. In this film the audience can enjoy the extracts from the ballets Ivanov/Petia 'Swan Lake', Tchaïkovski Acts II and IV - Maurice Béjart, 'Boléro' Ravel - 'Isadora', Schubert, Rouget de l'Isle, Brahms - Roland Petit 'La Rose malade' (The sicked Rose) , Mahler - Ruth St Denis 'Encens' - Plisetskaya, 'Leçon des ténèbre', Couperin, improvisation.

Maurice Bejart said once about Maya Plisetskaya: „Maya Plisetskaya is an exceptional being. She has a thorough understanding of the Classical tradition as taught by the Russians. She has learnt it, digested it, regurgitated it and processed it endlessly. She has reached absolute freedom in her technique and her life. She is beyond any kind of formalism. She knows the difference between tradition and dust.“