Premiere of the Choir Opera Boyarinya Morozova in Krasnoyarsk

On January 24th the closing ceremony of the Winter Surikov Festival took place in the Krasnoyarks Grand Philharmonic hall. 166 years ago the great Russian painter Vasily Surikov was born here that is why the Festival is held in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Several music groups from the city and roundabouts as well as soloist from the Moscow Theatre New Opera will present the audience a scenic premiere of the Choir Opera by Rodion Shchedrin – “The Life and Sorrows of Boyarinya MOrozova and her sister Tsarina Urusova”.

This work of Rodion Shchedrin was wonderfully accepted by the audience upon its first night and received a number of awards as one of the most prominent Russian choir productions in the latest history. The opera resurrects the picture of the leading character, perfectly well known to millions in Russia through the wonderful painting by Vasily Surikov “Boyarinya Morozova” that is in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Rodion Shchedrin forwarded Konstantin Yakobson – a musical director of the premiere – a greeting, saying his gratitutde for the performance of this piece. A number of choirs from Krasnoyarsk as well as Moscow Soloists will give a great present to all fans of Surikov and Shchedrin. The leading roles are sung by the prominent singers: Larisa Kostyuk, Alisa Gitsba, Michail Davydov and Tigran Matinyan.

The honored culture artist of Russian – the conductor Konstantin Yakobson had a great possibility to unite the Student Choir of Krasnoyarsk Music Academy, The Knabenchoir Capriccio as well as the soloists of the choir ensemble “We sing to you”. All these choirs will give the audience an unforgettable possibility to enjoy this so seldom performed peace of Rodion Shchedrin. The solo part of the Trombone plays A. Odintsov together with the percussion ensemble “Timbales”.