The European Premiere of the Opera the Left Hander takes Place in London

On the 4th of November 2014 the European Premiere of the opera The Left – Hander took place in the Barbican Hall in the heart of London. The opera The Left-Hander was written to the 60th jubilee of Valery Gergiev who conducted the soloist, choir and orchestra of one of the most prominent Russian musical ensemble during the UK tour.  

It is no surprise that the European premiere took place in London UK. The story of the Left-Hander – a craftsmen from Tula – deals with the UK and London. He will be sent by the Tsar of Russia to show the Englishmen what the Russians can and maybe to learn a bit from the English people. The tale shows us the opposition of two different mentalities – the rational British one and the irrational Russian, - so Shchedrin. The Novel of Nikolai Leskov “The tale of the cross-eyed Lefty and the Steel Flea“, written 1881 would be a text basis for the new opear of Rodion Shchedrin out of a reason: it is one of the most known Leskov’s works in Russia and abroad and of course such a plot deserves to be staged. Rodion Shchedrin has already written some further works to the plots of the author among which we can find: “The Enchanged Wanderer”, and one of the most known choir works of Shchedrin “The Sealed Angel”.

Rodion Shchedrin writes his libretti himself. This time he could more than ever show how exquisite his work can be. All single points of the plot are in the opera. The folks instruments support the breathtaking colours of the latest great work of the composer.

The audience met the opera in the Barbican hall with great success. Despite of Valery Gergiev being a bit late the company of Mariinksy mastered the european premiere as good as it did during the world premiere in St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre in 2013.

One of the most well-known classical music magazine: compares the opera to the «exquisite Fabergé egg»… …”the critics of the Russian in Europe and altogether in the West is as mysterious and silly as the fleа itself: when Rodion Shchedrin appeared on the stage the standing ovations lasted several minutes. Shchedrin dedicated them to his friend and colleague Valery Gergiev. The stages of the whole world have to look at this opera. It deserves to be played!” Rodion Shchedrin gives his audience a unique chance to try to understand the Russian soul and manners in his personal vision of the Left-Hander – a Tale from Leskov.

On the 9th of March 2015 the Mariinsky label released a CD with the recording of the opera. The CD which has already been nominated ofr several awards can be acquired here: