Exhibition Divine Maya

From the 2nd October to the 8th of November 2015 The St. Petersburg Museum of Theatre and Music art in the Sheremet’ev Palace has opened an exhibition dedicated to the great Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. The Museum has started a year ago to prepare this event and wanted to dedicate it to the jubilee of Maya Plisetskaya. She was the icon of ballet and maybe even more the icon of style who made a great impact on the fashion of Moscow and Russia.

The exhibition will present the audience scenic and private dresses of Maya Plisetskaya. A big admirer and friend of Maya Plisetskaya Pierre Cardin created many of the costumes to the ballets Anna Carenina, The Seagull and The Lady with the Lapdog. Pierre Carden created the main costume shown in St. Petersburg for Maya Plisetskaya for the exhibition Fashion and Dance held 1998 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our goal is to let people see not only the collection of the museum, costumes and photos of Maya Plisetskaya, but show the audience her influence on fashion. This project drew attention of many haut cuture artists and young fashion designer, who made dresses for this exhibition. – so director of museum Natalia Metelitsa.

At the opening ceremony on the 2nd of October, Rodion Shchedrin said: “Maya Plisetskaya has always wanted to live in the XXIII century”. No one can deny that – Maya Plisetskaya has always been the person to attract everything new and surprising.  

The Project “Divine Maya” works with the most prominent designers: Tatiana Parfionova, Tanya Kotegova, Alena Akhmadullina, Ianis Chamalidy, Elena Badmaeva, Stas Lopatkin, Igor Gulyaev, Iya Yots, Vladislav Aksenov, Larissa Pogoretskaya.

At the time of the exhibition the visitors of the exhibition can as well attend meetings with fashion designers, lectures with recollections about the life of the great ballerina and readings about the fashion history.

Internetpage of the museum:  ttp://www.theatremuseum.ru/en/expo.html?n=27