A Square in Moscow is named after Maya Plisetskaya

A public garden in the  heart of Moscow is named after great ballerina of the 20th century Maya Plisetskaya. The general committee of the city council reigned by Leonid Pechatnikov – deputy mayor for social issues made the decision to rename the square in honor of the all beloved ballerina.

“A big group of prominent representatives of theatre art made a petition to the Mayor of Moscow to crown the name of Maya Plisetskaya with immortality. Today we have made a government decree of the city of Moscow to give the name of Maya Plisetskaya to the square situated in Tverskoy township of Central district.” – so Pechatnikov

On October 11th 2013 the famous Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra made a new mural dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya – the Russian Ballerina Assoluta in Moscow (Bolshaya Dmitrovka 16/2) in new avant-garde stile.

The mural that is 16 meters long and 18 wide (52 by 60 feet) appeared as part of the Moscow project „The best city of earth“.

This mural with a total area of 280 square meter (3100 square feet) near to the Bolshoi Theatre depicts the ambrosian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya as “The Dying Swan” from the namesake ballet to the music of Camille Saint-Saëns in the choreography of Michel Fokine. 

Eduardo Kobra to this work:

I am glad that we received a wall in the center of the city. Nearby the Bolshoi Theatre. On the mural, you can see Maya Plisetskaya – the symbol for culture not only in Russia, but in the whole world. My colleage Agenaldo and I worked on this mural for the whole week. The mural is a tribute to the great ballerina, who gave us all her love.

Eduardo Kobra is an internationally acclaimed Brazilian street artist who worked in over 10 countries and won worldwide recognition as one of the best graffiti artists.