Bust of Yakov Flier Opened in Moscow Conservatory

February 22, 2017. A solemn ceremony of donation of Yakov Flier bust took place in the walls of the Moscow Conservatory. Yakov Flier was one of the most outstanding pianists of the 20th century.  

The Bust of Yakov Flier was made in the creative laboratory of Grigory Orekhov. The sculptor of the bust is Mikhail Plokhotsky. Vladimir Feltsman – one of the pupils of Yakov Flier, initiated the installation of the bust in the Moscow Conservatory. The date, February 22, 2017 was made as a courtesy to the 105th birthday of Yakov Flier. The bust is a sign of dedication and remembrance for the great musician, his talent and his contribution to the world of music.

Among the pupils of Yakov Flier were: pianist and conductor Mikhail Pletnev, composer and pianist Rodion Shchedrin, pianists Vladimir Feltsman, Nina Lel’chuk, Pavel Ostrovsky, Nina Kogan, Yuri Ayrapetyan.

The ceremony was held in the gallery of the outstanding persons of the Moscow Conservatory. Alexander Sokolov – the president of the Conservatory and Vladimir Feltsman unveiled the bust.

2007 the director Nikita Tikhonov made a film – dedication to Yakov Feltsman called “Knight of romanticism”. The film is available in the Russian language here: www.youtube.com/watch