Rodion Shchedrin 90

Rodion Shchedrin ist the first to receive the Tchaikovsky medal

On the day of his 90th birthday, Rodion Shchedrin will be the first in history to receive the Tchaikovsky Medal, an award established by the Russian Musical Society, awarded for special merits in the field of Russian classical music.

The medal will be presented on December 16 in St. Petersburg on the historical stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Chairman of the Board of the "Revived Russian Musical Society" Vladislav Shestakov:

“We plan to award the medal annually, the date of awarding the medal is dedicated to the birthday of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - May 7th. Of course, in connection with such a significant date - the 90th anniversary of Rodion Shchedrin, the RMO and our expert musical community unanimously decided to solemnly present the first Tchaikovsky medal to Rodion Shchedrin, who should undoubtedly become the owner of this distinction.

The medal will be presented on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater as part of the Shchedrin-90 Festival on the composer’s birthday on December 16, so due to this exceptional event, the date of the medal was postponed.”