Rodion Shchedrin 90 Live Stream Concert

Live Stream of the Concert dedicated to the Jubilee of Rodion Shchedrin

Mariinsky online

Today, December 16 at 19:00 (Moscow time), on the official page of the Mariinsky Theater VKontakte and on Mariinsky.TV, we will be showing recordings of selected works by Rodion Shchedrin.

Join the Shchedrin 90 festival from anywhere in the world and hear the performance of the Symphony Orchestra, soloists of the theater conducted by Valery Gergiev and dramatic artists: "The Solemn Overture", Concerto for Orchestra No. 1 "Naughty Chastushkas", "The Adventures of a Monkey" - Polina Malikova (Tolstun); Poetoria (reader - Evgeny Mironov, soloist - Ekaterina Sergeeva).

In St. Petersburg and Moscow, you can celebrate the composer's birthday with the musicians. His music will be performed on the historical stage of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and on the stage of the Concert Hall. P.I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow.

During December, you can also hear all the works of Rodion Shchedrin at the Shchedrin-90 festival of the Mariinsky Theater.