Jaz, Maja Plisecka

Maja Plisecka

Translation: Nataša Jelić

Editor: Branka Smodiš

format: 135 × 220

Pages: 528

published: 17. 11. 2017

ISBN: 978-961-287-066-9


This well known autobiographical book about life of Maya Plisetskaya celebrates its first edition in slowenian language. Availalbe via the link above. 

Looking back at my life…

Maya Plisetskaya

Russian original edition
(Майя Плисецкая „Читая жизнь свою...“)

Publisher: AST/Astrel, Moscow 2010
544 pages, hardcover, 170x240 mm, with illustrations
ISBN 978-5-17-068256-0 

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This book is unique of its kind and „must have” for all fans of Maya Plisetskaya. It includes beside of two well known bestsellers “I, Maya Plisetskaya” and “Thirteen years later”, also the foreword, which Plisetskaya specially wrote for this issue. In addition, the book comprises first published documents and photographs from the private archives of the author, theatre museums and Russian archives.

Haltung bewahren

Zornige Aufzeichnungen einer Primaballerina Assoluta

Maya Plisetskaya

Schott Music, Mainz 2009

German translation of the Russian original edition
“Thirteen years later. Angry notes in thirteen chapters”
(ACT/Novosti, Moscow 2007)

264 pages, 157 black-and-white pictures,
paperback, 12 x 19 cm
ISBN 978-3-254-08413-2

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On the Russian book market the autobiography of Plisetskaya (German title “Haltung bewahren. Zornige Aufzeichnungen einer Primaballerina Assoluta”/“Retaining composure. Angry notes of a prima ballerina assoluta”) had caused a stir of interest shortly after its publication in September 2007. 13 years after the publication of her first autobiography, which had a tremendous success by fans and critics (German edition "Ich, Maija" come out in paperback by Lübbe, Bergisch-Gladbach 2006), Plisetskaya’s second book was expected with bated breath. The famous Russian ballerina describes here, without to mince matter, the most moving events and experiences of the past years with entertaining and insightful details to the international ballet scene. 

“I, Maya Plisetskaya

The Russian new edition of the first autobiographical book by Maya Plisetskaya!

Майя Плисецкая

Я, Майя Плисецкая

(Maya Plisetskaya. “I, Maya Plisetskaya”)


Published: AST/Novosti, Moscow 2008
(First edition: Novosti, Moscow 1994; ISBN 5-7020-0903-7)
490 pages, hardcover, 22x15x3 cm, b/w illustrations
ISBN 978-5-17-051050-4

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In this book Maya Plisetskaya tells about her life, which is connected inseparably with ballet. She describes in a detailed and competent way the main stage of Russia - the Bolshoy Theatre, and explains why its world fame gradually comes to the end. Plisetskaya has a talent for writing and she is very honest. She proves herself to be an original thinking author, whose own views are not always in accord with general views. 

This first and unique literary work could be a true discovery both for experts and fans of ballet as well as for a wide readership. 

„Тринадцать лет спустя“

Майя Плисецкая

Сердитые заметки в тринадцати главах

(Maya Plisetskaya. „Thirteen years later“. Angry notes in thirteen chapters) 

Russian original edition
Publisher: AST/Astrel, Moscow 2007
510 pages, hardcover, 22x15 cm, with illustrations
ISBN 978-5-17-045344-3 

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Thirteen years have passed since the publication of her first book 'I, Maya' by the publishing house 'Novosti'. Thirteen, that is also the number of chapters of her succeeding work most of which can well be associated with this unlucky number, even if they did not happen on the 13th day of the month: the unauthorized marketing of a face cream in her name, the appearance of her alleged daughter, financial 'misunderstandings' of the organizers of the ballet competition 'Maya', endless judicial hearings at which lawyers had to defend the honour and dignity of one of the greatest ballerinas of the past century.

National censorship no longer exists, the artists' constant fear of not being allowed to leave the country is over - such were the topics in her first book - but her life has not become more peaceful. Her previous ordeals have been replaced by others. But Plisetskaya still knows how to overcome such adversities with honour and dignity. Like thirteen years ago, her stories come to a happy end, with her accounting a great moment in her life. Last time, it was the 50th anniversary of her stage career at the Bolshoi Theatre. Now it is the festive evening at the Kremlin, again organized by the Bolshoi Theatre, marking her 80th birthday which the press called 'the greatest event of the year' and Plisetskaya herself described as a 'matchless glorious day'.

„Ich, Maija“

Maija Plissezkaja

Die Primaballerina des Bolschoi-Theaters erzählt aus ihrem Leben

(„I, Maya“. The prima ballerina of the Bolshoy Theatre tells about her life)


Paperback edition
Publisher: Luebbe, Bergish-Gladbach 2006
German translation of the Russian original edition
„Ya, Maya Plisetskaya“ (Novosti, Moscow 1994)
528 pages, paperback, 18,2 x 12,6 x 3,4 cm, b/w illustrations 
ISBN: 978-3-404-61602-2

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I, Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya

Selected as one of the Best Nonfiction Books of 2001
by the Los Angeles Times Book Review!


Yale University Press, New Haven & London 2001 
English translation of Russian original edition
„Ya, Maya Plisetskaya“ (Publisher: Novosti/AST, Moscow 1994)
448 pages, 74 b/w illustrations, hardcover, 9.3 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches 
ISBN-10: 0300088574

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A Tribute to Maya Plisetskaya

DVD Contents:

1. Bizet – Shchedrin: „Carmen-Suite” (Recorded 1978), Choreographer: Alberto Alonso

2. Tchaikovsky: „Romantic Encounter” after the novel „Spring Torrents” by Ivan Turgenev (Recorded 1976), Choreographer: Valentin Elisariev

3. Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty (excerpt), „Grand Adage à la Rose” (Recorded 1977)

4. Mahler: Adagietto from the Fifth Symphony „La Rose Malade” (Recorded 1978), Choreographer: Roland Petit

5. Bach – Gounod: „Ave Maya” (Recorded 2000), Choreographer: Maurice Béjart


Bonus material:

6. Maya Plisetskaya in conversation on “Carmen-Suite”

7. „Maya, a Life in Pictures“

„I am happy to see the most important milestones in my creative life brought together like this. The DVD contains a selection of my collaborations with leading choreographers from Roland Petit to Maurice Béjart. Wonderful!” Maya Plisetskaya

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„The Seagull“

Rodion Shchedrin

Choreographed and danced by Maya Plisetskaya
From the Bolshoi Theatre

"The Seagull" is a very touching ballet performance in two acts based on the play of the same name by Anton Chekhov. It tells a moving love story about young people - each of them is hopelessly in love. The tragic subject with the idea of existential hopelessness, which has been choreographed by Maya Plisetskaya in a romantic and floated manner, and the symbolic impressionist music by Rodion Shchedrin form a noticeable stylistic contrast. The DVD includes a 30-minute bonus, where the legendary ballerina and her husband, the famous composer Rodion Shchedrin, reveal many interesting and some unknown details about the history of the origins and effect of this wonderful ballet. 

This is the only DVD of the live recording of the performance in 1980 at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, which is authorized by Maya Plisetskaya. 

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Additional details:

Ballet in two acts on the play of the same name by Anton Chekhov
Live recording of the performance 1980 (Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow)
World Premiere Recording on DVD!

Music by Rodion Shchedrin
Libretto by Rodion Shchedrin and Valery Levental
Ballet master and staging by Maya Plisetskaya
Set design by Valery Levental
Costume design for Maya Plisetskaya by Pierre Cardin
Leading actors: Maya Plisetskaya (Zarechnaya) und Alexander Bogatyrev (Treplyov)
Ballet und Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre conducted by Alexander Lazarev

Running Time: 85 mins (Ballet) + 30 mins (Bonus)
DVD Format: NTSC
Production: 2009
Languages: RU, GB, DE, FR, ES, IT


Maya Plisetskaya - Diva of Dance


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The following documentary films have dealt with her life and work:

1964Maya Plisetskaya (new version 1981)
1970Ballerina (cinema film)
1973 and 1974Maya Plisetskaya (cinema films)
1987Maya Plisetskaya. Familiar and Unfamiliar