The Foundation

The International Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation is a public foundation incorporated under civil law. Based in Mainz, it was set up in September 2000.


Circular letter of the International Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation 1/2008

Unauthorized use of Maya Plisetskaya´s name

By this circular letter cultural and art establishments worldwide are informed of the violation of Maya Plisetskaya´s sole right of using her name by certain ballet ensembles. At the same time, the cultural and art establishment and the producers are requested to prevent any inadmissible advertisement by using Maya Plisetskaya´s name or even declaring untruly her personal appearance at performances of these ballet ensembles as not to lead unsuspicious visitors of the theatre astray. Particularly the cultural and art establishments and the producers should be aware of the fact that even the toleration of such actions of the ballet ensembles can lead to the violation of the right of name and is prohibited according to national laws. The foundation reserves the right to take legal steps in respect to a cease-and-desist order or claim for damages and compensation to protect Maya Plisetskaya’s esteem from harm and to rescind any unjust enrichment at her expense. It is highly recommended to always reinsure oneself if Maya Plisetskaya stands in connection with a ballet ensemble or she is involved in their performances

With such actions especially emerge the “Imperial Russian Ballet” and their art director Gediminas Taranda. This nuisance and unpleasant affair from Maya Plisetskaya´s and her countless faithful supporters point of view is based on the background alone that the ballet ensemble and especially Gediminas Taranda claims wrongfully to have all rights and benefits of using her name. Despite the negative verdict of the Meshchanski Regional Court Moscow dated 20.12.2006, they are not impressed at all and act continuously against Maya Plisetskaya´s interests. Meanwhile, this ballet ensemble is performing under different names and is using agents in the background in order not to be traced. The matter has reached intolerable dimensions.

Therefore, please take note and attention.