Shchedrins’ „Beethovens’ Heiligenstadt Testament“ in the recording of Mariss Jansons

Not only the outstanding recording of all nine symphonies of Beethoven by Mariss Jansons and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra make this edition which consists of six compact discs particularly desirable and unique.

Commissioned by Jansons, six leading composers of our days contributed also to this edition with works that were created under the influence of Beethoven’s music. The recording that has been acclaimed by critics and audience gives the unique opportunity to a listener to enjoy Beethoven’s symphonies interpreted by one of the greatest conductors of present time together with one of the world’s best orchestras. Besides this the recording provides with the contemporary compositions an interesting insight into today’s reflection of the partly more than 200 years old, but still fascinating music of Beethoven.

One of these contemporary pieces is Rodion Shchedrin’s symphonic fragment for orchestra, titled "Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament", that was premiered in Munich on 18th December 2008. The piece pictures according to the famous letter which he wrote to his brothers and that is known as the "Heiligenstadt Testament" the painful feelings of the great German music master who had realised his progressive deafness – a condition that almost induced him to death. Shchedrin brilliantly transforms this dark chapter in Beethoven’s life in a fierce musical battle and approaches Beethoven's musical ideas and dramaturgical thinking, without being untrue to himself as a composer.

Beethoven. The Symphonies and Reflections:

Kancheli - Mochizuki - Šerkšnyte - Shchedrin - Staud - Widmann

Mariss Jansons, Choir and Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Live-Recordings from Munich and Tokyo
Label: BR-Klassik
Number of CD-Discs: 6
Year of production: 2013
Running time: 6:53:21

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