The Music Festival in Verbier plays a work by Rodion Shchedrin

The Verbier Music Festival introduces his guests the chamber work written by Rodion Shchedrin “Tanya – Katya” for soprano and a string orchestra


July, 27th in the Swiss alps the guest of the Verbier Music Festival can enjoy the performance of the work by Rodion Shchedrin for soprano and a string orchestra with Gabor Takács – Nago as conductor. The soloist Tatyana Monogarova sings the main part of the work with her charming and breathtaking voice. She was born in Moscow and studied at the Russia Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Tamara Yanko.

This Romance in folk style starts with a calls from one another of Tanya and Katya… “Oh Tanya, Tanya, Katya…” sings Tatyana Monogarova this evening at the very start of the work. She continues her singing under the accurate and soft support of the string group. In the composition “Tanya - Katya” Rodion Shchedrin develops a melodic structure full of emotions and sensibility. The composer made this modern and breathtaking masterpiece with a libretto consisting of 2 first names – Tanya and Katya. These are the only words that the audience will hear in this work. It is even more astounding that the emotionality can be reached with so little words. The basis of the work is made of Russian folk songs and modern techniques that show the most favorite style of the composer. To the very end of the composition we will never know who is meant by these names.

During the concert, the audience can also enjoy the Concert for clarinet and orchestra by Aaron Copland, the first symphony of Serge Prokofieff, Concert for cello and orchestra by Camile Saint-Saens with the world known player Misha Maysky. In the last part of the concert the conductor Gabriel Takacs-Nago will perform the 4th Symphony of Robert Schumann.

The concert can also be seen online on Medici TV.