Gala Concert of the Ballet Stars “Viva Maya”

June, 29, 2019 the audience in the Palais de Festivals in Cannes can enjoy the Gala concert of the Stars of the Ballet world under the title “Viva Maia”. Principal dancers and soloists from leading companies will dance at a Gala performance – under the artistic direction of Irma Nioradze, étoile of the Kirov/Mariinsky Ballet of St Petersburg – this year commemorating Maya Plisetskaya, the great Russian ballerina who was already a living legend when she passed away 4 years ago and who now shines on in ballet history. It seems she has always existed and has always been the best in ballet.

Everything changed around her: political regimes, presidents, politics and art, but Maya Plisetskaya always stayed on the stage. She achieved the breathtaking success in the whole world thanks to unmatched artistic style, plasticity and gracefulness of movements, inexhaustible energy and vivacious optimism that went over on millions of people.

Art Director of the Gala concert is Irma Nioradze. Please address the following link for additional information and tickets: